14 August 2009

"When People Stop Believing in God, ...

Ecopsychology, a new online journal, has just issued a Call for Papers.

According to their website, "This quarterly Journal examines the psychological, spiritual, and therapeutic aspects of human-nature relationships, concern about environmental issues, and responsibility for protecting natural places and other species."

The blurb continues —
"Ecopsychology places psychology and mental health disciplines in an ecological context and recognizes the links between human health, culture, and the health of the planet. With its groundbreaking and diverse collaboration of psychotherapists, social science researchers and contributors from other environmental-related fields, Ecopsychology is the only peer-reviewed journal of its kind."[Emphasis added]

"Timely and provocative topics include:
  • The role of connection to nature in healthy development and self identity
  • Emotional and psychological factors that drive environmental issues
  • Ecotherapy and the use of wilderness for health and healing
  • Coping with anxiety or grief about environmental destruction
  • Effective ways to motivate sustainable behaviors
  • Spiritual and cultural practices that support a healthy environment"
One could use this offal as a springboard for discussion — the rise of neo-paganism; G. K. Chesterton's remark alluded to in our title; the eclipse of reason in a technological society; the evolutionary basis of group-think; ... . Another day.

[Tip of the hat to CCNET.]

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