08 February 2010

Sarah Palin.

Sarah Palin addresses the Tea Party Nation's National Tea Party Convention on 6 February.
We caught SP's speech last Saturday and note the following:
  1. She remains the de facto leader of popular revulsion against big government run amuck — in particular, against all things Obama. Her critics will continue to cry "racism," and they will continue to be wrong.

  2. Her attention to foreign policy was in welcome contrast to the neo-isolationism that pervades parts of the TEA Party movement.

  3. When she mentioned John McCain, there was polite silence. Sarah would do well to rethink her decision to campaign for him in the Arizona primary.

  4. Occasionally, as when discussing energy and health care, she pulled her punches, a response, we imagine, to the continuing attacks to which she and her family have been subject.

  5. The speech's "hate filled rant" characterizations put forth by her critics, to whom we will not link, remain as incomprehensible as they are unfounded. Sarah is decent, caring and intelligent (but not an intellectual) — a woman with much to offer and more guts in one finger than the opposition can muster in toto.

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