28 June 2010

Gather Your Armies II.

Rick Barber's latest "Gather Your Armies" video focuses on slavery. Donate to his campaign here.

Rick Barber has just released another campaign ad video. Gather Your Armies-II focuses on slavery, the contention being that a metastasizing federal government is making slaves of us all. The first third of the video has Barber once again conversing with resurrected American heroes. Of Lincoln, Barber asks, "What do you call it when one man's is forced to work for another?" The reply, soto voce as in GYA-I, is of course the "peculiar institution," as slavery's apologists used to call it, the abolition of which was the cause for which Union soldiers shed buckets of blood. No, Virginia. The Civil War wasn't about economics; it was about "social justice — the real kind. It was about erasing a stain on the American soul.

GYA-II identifies the "armies" of the first video as "armies of voters," some of whom we see being led by Lewis Schaeffer who sings a verse of "The Star Spangled Banner." Schaeffer, a former marine like Barber, has become a celebrity in TEA Party circles. Whatever his performances may lack in virtuosity, they make up for with palpable sincerity.

In this reviewer's opinion, GYA-II lacks the focused punch of its predecessor. This is a pity. Barber's point is spot on: Tyranny is on the march. Even were the present administration's intentions benign, what is being assembled is a machine that will surely turn free men into slaves — if not sooner, then later — most likely, sooner. Those inclined to dismiss this contention should dip into the The Federalist Papers. They should also revisit Huxley and Orwell.

Opinion polls commissioned back in February show the Democrat, Bobby Bright, defeating both Barber and his run-off opponent. But anger against Democrats has since been on the rise. Barber merits conservative support — now and in the general election. Donate if you can.


Goodgooglygoo said...

This video doesn't look that balanced.... 2 blacks - any Hispanics or Asians in this video.

Conservatives don't seem to want many non whites in their elite organization.

Why does a violent theme have to be a part of everything now.

Conservatives love showing their guns and violence.

Anonymous said...

Goodgooglygoo, your argument is the same tired old liberal B.S. that doesn't amount to a good dump. I was worried when Barry got elected that the race baiters would be out in full force punishing us mostly caucasions for our ancestors transgressions or not. Seems to me that there is more violence coming out of the libs. Take a look at your local projects. They are a bunch of Obama voters, druggies, thugs and savages and they are killing each other and anyone else that gets in the way. Before you call me racist, it is a fact! Your buddy BHO is supporting that kind of crap by his spread the wealth mentality. So we need more negros, orientals, latinos in a video to make it good. Nah, if they were, someone would call the black guy an Uncle Tom, the rest a bunch of lackies, and the video producer other names. Can't win for losing:-)