09 December 2009

Copenhagen Climate Challenge.

An "Open Letter to Secretary-General of United Nations ... " challenging AGW alarmists on ten principal talking points has been prepared by Copenhagen Climate Challenge. In part, the letter reads as follows:

"Climate change science is in a period of ‘negative discovery’ - the more we learn about this exceptionally complex and rapidly evolving field the more we realize how little we know. Truly, the science is NOT settled. …

"We the undersigned, being qualified in climate-related scientific disciplines, challenge the UNFCCC and supporters of the United Nations Climate Change Conference to produce convincing OBSERVATIONAL EVIDENCE for their claims of dangerous human-caused global warming and other changes in climate. Projections of possible future scenarios from unproven computer models of climate are not acceptable substitutes for real world data obtained through unbiased and rigorous scientific investigation." [Emphasis added]

As of morning 9 December, there were 141 signatories, including some prominent skeptics: Akasofu, Happer, Lindzen, Plimer, Spencer, etc. To read the complete letter and sign, go here.

N.B. CCC checks your credentials before adding your name. It takes a while.

Update (14 December). The number of signatories has remained constant since the preceding first posted. Apparently, the CCC crew asleep at the switch. Too bad!
They were even listed briefly on Drudge. These things require follow through.

Update (20 December). The authors of CCC are once again adding names to their letter, this time distinguishing between climatologists and signatories in allied disciplines. If you haven't already signed it, please consider doing so.

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