16 December 2009

Kill the Bill.

Michelle Bachmann et al. address Tea Partiers near the Capitol on 15 December. Click to enlarge.
In recent weeks, this site has been preoccupied with ClimateGate. This interest reflects our opinion (1) that anthropogenic warming remains an unsubstantiated hypothesis, (2) that the CRU(d) cabal's behavior, as revealed by the leaked emails, is a stain on the profession, (3) that the computer codes used by CRU(d) are sufficiently dubious to raise questions as to the reliability of at least some of the "data" on which the AGW "consensus" is based and (4) that the "solutions" being proposed to address this (non-)problem will have catastrophic socio-economic consequences.

With regard to the last, we have noted that there is a direct tie-in with health care: 'Cap and Tax' (aka 'Freeze and Starve') will wreck the world's economy, thus giving irresistible impetus to the rationing of medical services and the realization of Sarah Palin's 'death panels.' Additionally, both measures promote the Green movement's ultimate goal, which is the reduction mankind's ecological footprint via the diminution of both total numbers and per capita energy consumption. Regarding this assessment, which some would deem hyperbolic, we can only say that we have rubbed shoulders for too many years with too many environmental scientists and activists — all too often, one and the same — to believe otherwise. These people view humanity as a cancer on the planet, and we all know how one deals with malignancy.

As to health care, a recent article in Politico about the latest Tea Party rally contra the legislation in statu nascendi is hopeful. A majority of Americans are dead set against it. Sooner or later, their voices will be heard.

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